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  • 722 BC: The Assyrian Empire conquered the Norther Kingdom of Israel and scattered the Jews across the known world.

  • 586 BC: The Babylonian Empire conquered the Southern Kingdom of Israel (Judah) and enslaved all Jewish captives.

  • 4th Century BC: Haman of Persia tried to annihilate the Jewish people.

  • 331+ BC: The Greeks desperately tried to de-judaize the Jewish people.

  • AD 70: As many as 1,000,000 Jews died when the Romans destroyed the Temple and burned the city of Jerusalem.

  • 1096-1270: Thousands of Jews were massacred during the Crusades under the banner of Christianity.

  • 1182: Jews were expelled from France and their property confiscated.

  • 1290: Jews were expelled from England and all their property became the Crown's.

  • 1294: Jews were expelled from Bern, Switzerland.

  • 1347: Thousands of Jews were massacred after being charged that they started the Black Death by placing poison in wells.

  • 1400s-1800s: The Spanish Inquisition occurred in which many Jews were murdered if they would not convert to Christianity.

  • 1492: A "witch hunt" resulted with an estimated 30,000 Jews ("Marronos") being burned alive, and many more strangled or expelled from Spain.

  • 1494: All Jews in the city of Trent, in Northern Italy, were massacred.

  • 1826: Pope Leo decreed that Jews were to be confined to ghettos and their property confiscated.

  • 1881-1921: The Jews of Russia were the victims of three large-scale waves of pogroms during this 40-year period, each of which surpassed the preceding in scope and savagery.

  • 1940s: Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party's "Final Solution" to eradicate all Jewish people, over half of all Jews (6,000,000) were murdered.

  • Currently: Anti-Semitic rhetoric and activities in several European countries and American universities.

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