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What you can do

If you want to help the Jewish people and the nation of Israel in fulfilling God's plan for them, here are a few action items for your consideration:

  • PRAY for Jerusalem, Israel, and the Jewish people. Then, pray some more!

  • BE INFORMED - Seek, and you will find. Search bookstores, YouTube, and the internet. Ask questions!

  • WRITE A LETTER or, at least, make a phone call to your Congress and Senate representatives, letting them know your support for the Jewish people

  • SUPPORT ORGANIZATIONS that support Israel, such as...

    • ICEJ - International Christian Embassy Jerusalem​

    • CUFI - Christians United for Israel

    • ZOA - Zionist Organization of America

    • JVM - Jewish Voice Ministries

    • JPTI - Jewish Prayer Team International

  • SUBSCRIBE to "Jewish Broadcasting System" (JBS) via iPhone & TV

  • TALK TO YOUR CHURCH PASTOR - has a message been delivered recently from the pulpit to help people understand the importance of the Jewish people and the nation of Israel during these last days before Christ's return to Earth? What financial support is your church directing towards impoverished Jewish people?

  • TOUR ISRAEL - personally. It's an experience you'll never forget!

  • STAY IN TOUCH WITH US! Click "subscribe," and we'll keep you posted with current news and ways to be engaged.

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